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Tips for satisfactory collaboration

1. Important notes on the structural preparation of workpieces:

The uniformity and cohesion of a hard-chrome surface depends to a large degree on the quality of the surface before it is chrome-plated. Unevenness, pores, pores, scratches, grooves, cracks and other faults in texture cannot be covered, evened out or compensated by hard chrome plating. If your workpiece is to be chromed to a high standard, certain conditions must be met. This is why we ask you to observe the following notes. This saves you extra work and also unplanned costs.

Please make sure that:

  • the workpieces are accessible at the places to be chromed
  • sharp edges or corners are rounded off or are concave in form
  • the greater the radii of the workpieces, the better the course of the coating thickness
  • pre-machine welds in the area to be chrome-plated so that they are free from cracks or pores
  • after welding, workpieces of which the bodies are manufactured or welded from sheet steel or plates are to be annealed in a stress-relieved manner only

The following notes apply to the surface quality of the workpieces:

  • The workpieces should be finish-ground for hard-chrome plating
  • The better the structure and homogeneity of the chrome coating, the smaller the peak-to-valley height.

To avoid the possibility of the hard-chrome layer being pressed into the soft basic material in later use, basic materials of a certain minimum strength are recommended for high pressure loadings and impact stresses. We will be pleased to advise you competently and reliably in this point. You can naturally also have the necessary pre-grinding work and other preparatory jobs carried out by us. We will be happy to let you have a quote for such work.

2. Please note the following points when placing an order:

  • Mark in color on drawings the areas to be hard-chromed
  • If a drawing or sketch is not available, mark these areas directly and clearly on the workpieces
  • For our information, specify the material by its material number or by its material composition
  • For our information, state on delivery to us the surface quality of the area to be chromed or the machining quality
  • For our information, state the degree of stress to which the individual parts are to be exposed
  • State the layer thickness and surface quality desired
  • State the tolerances for dimensions, position and shape

We thank you for the above information and guarantee work of high quality!

You can download our tips here on satisfactory collaboration as a PDF file.